At Camacho Sport SL we currently have two options available to make payment for your order, of which we indicate below all the relevant information.

  • Transfer or deposit in account. The details of our account at Banco Sabadell, to which the transfer must be ordered, can be viewed by selecting this payment method during the purchase process.

    It is very important to indicate in the concept of the deposit or transfer the number of the order, thus facilitating the automatic association of the registered payments with the pending orders to be processed. Otherwise, it will be necessary to carry out a manual tracking, taking much more time to process the order and therefore, to carry out the shipment.

    It is not necessary to send us proof of payment or transfer, as the review process is automatic and will not be advanced with the sending. In any case, it is important to keep it so that, if necessary, the payment can be identified (for example, when you forget to indicate the order number in the concept).

    Please be aware that transfers made from entities other than Sabadell Bank may take up to two working days to reach us, according to banking regulations. We will send a warning email once we have confirmation of the payment.

  • Credit/Debit card. This form of payment is immediate. At Camacho Sport SL we have adopted the Banco Sabadell platform (Virtual POS), with which we guarantee a wide range of security and convenience to our clients. When the order is confirmed through this payment method, a page frame will appear on the screen where the client can make the payment by entering their card details. Camacho Sport SL will not receive these data nor have access to them, since the transaction is made directly with the financial entity.

    If the customer wishes, he can save his card details for future purchases, so that he will only have to enter his password to access Our Website and authorise payment automatically. It is possible to associate as many cards as necessary to the customer's account, as well as several billing addresses, which can also be associated to the same card or to different cards.

    As our system prioritises security, after authorising the payment the bank can ask the client for additional confirmation by means of a private code sent to their mobile phone, with a key card and coordinates or by means of an additional security key that has been previously programmed.