Quality Policy

CAMACHO SPORT's Quality Policy is “to achieve the full satisfaction of customers, parents and schoolchildren, producing innovative, highly resistant and quality uniforms, meeting the quality and delivery time requirements agreed with customers, and providing concrete solutions and technical advice to achieve the success of any uniform project”.

CAMACHO SPORT's activities include design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of school uniforms.

To support the fulfilment of this policy, the management of CAMACHO SPORT is committed to maintaining a Quality Management System implemented and updated according to the ISO 9001:2015, which establishes the guidelines for the fulfilment of the following commitments:

  • Meeting the requirements legal, contractual and other requirements identified in our System, applicable to our activities.
  • Continuous improvement of the processes related to our activities, through:
    • Analysis and measurement of them
    • Analysis of customer satisfaction and suggestions
    • Detection of improvement opportunities
    • Continuous training of the people who make up the company
    • Provision of the material, human and technical resources necessary for the improvement

These commitments are the basic pillars for the fulfilment of our Policy, and constitute the reference framework for the annual establishment of the Quality Objectives by the Management.

Management is committed to communicating and disseminating this Policy to all staff of the organization, as well as other interested parties, so that they are aware of and understand it. It also undertakes to keep it updated in accordance with any new circumstances that may affect our activities.

Christián Hermes Camacho
Managing Director

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